Team Delegation

Rs1500 per delegate
  • Delegation Fee 2500
  • Observer Fee Rs 2500

Individual Delegate

Rs2500 per delegate
  • No observers allowed

Kindly go through the following instructions before filling out the online registration form or before submitting any queries related to the registration process.

The registration process will be held online only!

Follow us for more information regarding Registration process on:

Registration Rules

  1. The registration team reserves the right to reject or disqualify any team/individual.
  2. If more than one team is being registered from a specific institution, then the teams should be labelled ‘A’ and the second team as ‘B’ to avoid confusion.
  3. Failure to adhere to the rules of the conference can lead to disqualification. FORMUN reserves the right to reject individual candidates if they fail to comply with conference policies.
  4. Late or incomplete submission of registration forms will lead to disqualification. Participants should make sure that they complete all the basic requirements on time and double check before final submission.
  5. The registration deadline for FORMUN ’16 is 20th Dec 2015. Payment deadline for individuals is 22nd Dec 2015 and Delegations is 25th Dec 2015.
  6. After confirmation of your registration make a bank draft using method A or pay directly using method B

Method A

Bank draft in the name of  “Forman Christian College”

  • Delegates/delegations need to mention their names and credentials at the back of the bank draft.
  • Send your bank draft by post at the following address:

Kashif Sharoon, Room No. 10, Student Affairs Department, Forman Christian
College, Lahore.

Method B

Account name  = Forman Christian College
Account number = 23617000023201
The account is in HBL.
  • The delegates need to pay or deposit the money in this account.
  • Upload a picture of the paid deposit slip on the website. You can access the form via this link.

Send us a scanned copy of your bank draft and also upload it to this form 

8. On hand payment will not be accepted.

9. The final payment deadline is 25th December 2015. Failing to meet the deadline will lead to cancellation of registration.

10. No changes/additions will be allowed to be made in the registration form after 20th December 2015.

a. Each delegation will be composed of 10 delegates.
b. The minimum number of delegates allowed to register in a delegation is 7.
c. The number of observers allowed per delegation is 2.
*Registration Fees is non-refundable.