you know you would be good at munning when…


… Most of the people in your social circle can’t seem to be aware of or comprehend the conflicts set in the backdrop of the geo/socio political scenario of the world.

…You seem to be the only person you know who is able to readily understand the meme and punny online community pages that create mockery, satire and derision of various world political leaders/figures and the political regimes they work in or under. You know exactly that this is why you are also mostly alone. Because along with people who can’t get Star Wars, Godfather, and Al Pacino references, people who can’t get political satire are also the kind you can’t much stand, and hence tend to keep a distance from.
… You feel a general tendency and liability towards staying aware about current affairs as well as international relations. You might as well even be majoring in the two of the aforementioned if it weren’t for your parents hurling you into pursuing engineering (if you are a boy) and medical sciences (if you are a girl); also the reason you probably don’t even have time and energy enough left after such rigorous studies to do a lot of munning. But just so you know, you would be terrific at it.
… rest of the world is simply clicking away to “liking” and “following” silly online community pages, the titles of which pay no heed to proper capitalization and punctuation, you are busy quite eccentrically making searches on Google that say “List of popular, credible newspaper from all across the world”, “List of Pakistani newspapers”, etc, then getting linked to related Wikipedia pages, and then further “liking” and “following” their community pages on social media to stay updated with what’s happening around you.

… Along with eloquence, assertion and firmness in your voice and mannerism, there is also a hint of flexibility, no doubt. You are willing to respect other people’s right to have and express their opinions and stands, even though you may disagree with the opinion in itself. That is what true diplomacy is about. And above everything else, people come to realize that the material and substance being exhibited and portrayed through your firm and assertive tone and comportment is not all gibberish nonsense. You know your stuff!!

… Everyday conflicts the world keeps facing really provoke your conscience and you want to do something about it. You feed the poor whenever you can. You pin-point your peers, much to their dismay, when they are carelessly and flippantly littering right near the waste-bin. You keep the empty wrapper squished in your fist if there is no waste basket nearby and get made fun of. You ask people not to judge a girl based on self-righteous grounds. You often sit with the poor people as well as the maids in your house and you talk about important stuff like education, health and society. To sum it all up, you are someone who cares. And while others simply want to grow up and earn enough to support a family and then start one, you dream day and night to work hard to become something that can do something to bring change and peace in the world.