About Lahore

Lahore is one of the largest cities of Pakistan, adorned with undertones of culture, lifestyle, and history. An influential city since the Mughal Era, Lahore manifests a juxtaposition of ancient culture and advanced modern-day society.

The city of Lahore is a melting pot of lifestyle, religion, politics, and cuisine. Sometimes referred to as “Heart of Pakistan”, it houses many monuments of history, like the Lahore Fort built by Mughal Emperors, the Minar-e-Pakistan commemorating declaration of independence 1940, and the Metro Bus Service and tall glass buildings showcasing modern-day progress.

In Lahore, you’ll find the gorgeously decorated canal, a myriad of top-notch educational institutes, the historically significant walled city, vast gardens soused in beauty and fragrance, state of the art shopping malls, shrines of celebrated sufi saints, and most popular, a diverse sense of taste whether in high-end restaurants or local street food.

The people of Lahore are referred to as “zainda-dil” (genial) which can be observed on Mall Road where hearty discussions take place over a cup of tea, in Qaddafi Stadium as the crowd cheers for their cricket team, before Eid when every street is embellished with lights and décor, and on a Sunday morning when desi breakfast is devoured by a group of friends with lassi. Lahore exhibits a contrasting variation of golden traditions, varying culture, and a 21st century lifestyle. But despite of all the versatility, its bliss is eternal.