For all you human rights’ advocates out there, the United Nations Human Rights Council at FORMUN V is perfect. Basic issues such as poverty, healthcare, etc are discussed in this committee. This is the one committee where you can truly learn what atrocities many humans are going through and what are the viable solutions to them. This is also one of the most popular committees in MUN conferences, so debate is strong and consistent.


Topic A: Protection and Prevention of Child Soldiers

Topic B: Abuse of Humans in Prisons

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<strong>Sydney Spencer</strong>
Sydney SpencerChair
<strong>Moazzam Khan Lodhi</strong>
Moazzam Khan LodhiChair
<strong>Danial Ashraf</strong>
Danial AshrafChair
<strong>Alizeh Wasim</strong>
Alizeh WasimAssistant Committee Chair
<strong>Razi Haider Khan</strong>
Razi Haider KhanAssistant Committee Chair