How to write a position paper

A position paper is one of the essential, yet often overlooked parts of MUN participation. The position paper establishes a country’s stance on the topics up for discussion. This paper sets the tone for the delegate’s debates throughout the conference. The position paper is to be submitted to the chairs before the debate starts and counts towards the delegate’s points. A good position paper can work quite significantly towards a Best Delegate award.

A position paper has to be a one page paper with a basic introduction of the country being represented and then the country’s stance on all the topics up for discussion. Remember, the position paper is submitted before a topic is voted on, so it has to cover all topics. In addition, any legislation or treaties signed in relation to the topics must be mentioned. In the end, some basic solutions to issues being discussed can be suggested.

A position paper must mention the official title of the country being represented at the top (e.g, The Islamic Republic of Pakistan), the name of the committee, the name of the institute representing the country, and the flag of the country. These elements make a formal position paper that will be sure to impress the chairs. So, follow these guidelines and become an expert MUNner.