A delegation consisting of six students from FCC went to Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute for their annual MUN, from 9th October to 11th October 2015. Team FCC was representing the country of Burma. It was a successful endeavor and the students really enjoyed it. It started on a high note and culminated to an end which was no less. The team brought three awards home 2 Best Delegate awards and one Honorary Mention. The awards were won by; Areen shahid (Best delegate) in ECOFIN, Saira Ahmed (Best Delegate) in UNHRC and Arqum Zaheer (Honorary Mention) in Security Council. The team also participated in the cultural cabaret and showcased the colorful culture of Burma with great enthusiasm. It was an exciting three day event and from travelling from Lahore to Islamabad to Topi there was never a dull moment amongst the plains, the mountains and the lakes of this beautiful countryside.

Saira Ahmed
Saira AhmedBest Delegate Award
Areen Shahid
Areen ShahidBest Delegate Award
Arqum Zaheer
Arqum ZaheerHonorary Mention