The UN Women committee of FORMUNV challenges you to tackle head-on the problem of gender discrimination faced by women all around the globe. Violence against women has always been prevalent not only in developing countries but also in countries that stand on either extremes of the developmental spectrum. This committee, therefore will equip you with the skills to eliminate the obstinate problem of violence and discrimination against women. You will take on the task of finding an unconventional approach to empower women in order to accomplish the overarching mission of gender equality.


Topic : “Women rights issues; a dilemma of the developing world”.

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<strong>muhammad sherdil</strong>
muhammad sherdilChair
<strong>Minhal Aamer</strong>
Minhal AamerChair
<strong>Amal Khalid</strong>
Amal KhalidChair
<strong>Hijab rafee</strong>
Hijab rafeeAssistant Committee Chair