Forman Christian College University was founded by Dr. Charles Forman in 1864. It started off as the Rang Mahal School, Lahore and soon became the Forman Christian College. For many years, it was a leading institute and was known as a ‘gentleman’s college’. It was a pioneer in many educational achievements in the region. It was the first institute in the subcontinent to offer co-education in 1902, which was a big step in gender equality in education. FCCU has always produced notable scholars, intellectuals, and politicians such as Khan Bahadur and Pervez Musharraf. It gained university status in 2005 and has upheld its legacy of quality education and grooming. Over the years, Forman Christian College University has expanded rapidly and keeps embarking on new endeavors.


Forman Christian College carries with it a legacy of 150 years and a rich history of magnanimous success which causes it to shine amongst other prestigious institutes of Pakistan. Having been home to a number of national leaders, writers and thinkers- Forman Christian College continues to hold true to its tradition of imparting knowledge whilst grooming its students. With the promotion of ideas such as open dialogue, tolerance, and a liberal outlook towards diversity- this institute envisions the pluralism our nation is greatly in need of. The college is home to Forman Model United Nations (FORMUN), an annual event that has been encouraging and propagating the art of debate, dialogue and diplomacy since its inception in 2012. Last year, FORMUN 16, had a record breaking number of delegates and ended on a high note of enthusiasm and excitement. This year’s edition of FORMUN V is bound to be an even bigger success, with its theme of “Lasting Legacies”- it will leave a legacy of its own by honing talent and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.