On 7th July the MUN Society FCC held an information session on Research Skills In MUNs.

This was a very informative and constructive session, as research is what fuels debates in MUNs and we cannot stress enough on how important a good research is. Mr. Adeel told the students to start by making an MUN research binder which should contain all their research material from all the MUNs they have attended, as the same research material can be helpful again as well.

He also gave helpful techniques on how to do efficient research and the links to some effective UN websites which can be used for research.

Overall it was an interesting session and would indeed be helpful for the students in long term.

Guest Speaker

Muhammad Adeel
Muhammad Adeel

– M. Phil Biotechnology
– Valedictorian (2012) Awarded JE Sinclair and J. Orbinson Medal for Highest cGPA
– Awarded Roll of Honor in Parliamentary Debates and Essay Writing twice, unprecedented
– First Formanite to complete a Roll of Honor in Essay Writing
– Winner Parliamentary Debates at King Edward and UCP, Best Speaker at UOL
– Adjudicated Numerous Events
– Keynote Speaker at TEDx Kinnaird, TEDx FC College and TEDx UOL Keynote Speaker at CampUSA, USEFP, 2015
– 2 Thesis Dissertations Related To Biotechnology
– Currently, Manager of Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center-Lahore Chapter, a local think tank associated with promotion of Biotechnology and its research areas
– Research Focus: Public Policy of Science; Dual Use; Biosafety especially applicability of Cartagena Protocol (mandated by UN) in Pakistan
– Represented FCC in United Asian Debating Championship, Bali 2015