A lover, I am, of Al-Murtaza Ali
In rapture, my very being cries out: Ali Ali


Hello there, my name’s Zakhar Habib. I’m majoring in Computer Science and like to spend my days playing sports and trying out new things. I’ve been a part of FORMUN since 2014 and it has been an incredible journey. This year, as USG, I look forward to welcoming everyone to this FORMUN.


Hey! My name is Tayyab Mehboob and I am the USG at FORMUN V. I certainly cannot wait to film you guys! See you guys there!


Hello to you all. My name is Asjad Noshahi and I am the Event Coordinator this FORMUN V.
I have seen FORMUN grow, just as FORMUN has seen me grow. Having been a part of FORMUN ever since it began, five years ago- this supercedes being merely an event for me. It is, in fact, a part of my identity. Having seen FORMUN right at its beginnings to experiencing the fervor and enthusiasm of all those who became a part of this great experience and enabled it to grow and improve each years- I am truly honoured to be serving as part of the executive council this year.
In hopes of seeing the best FORMUN to date, I eagerly welcome you all to the fifth edition of FORMUN.



Hello everyone, my name’s Ahmad Sami. I’m your USG logistics for the fifth edition of Formun.I’m currently persuing my degree in accounting and finance. Formun, since the time i was a volunteer has added some very joyful moments in my university life and I’ll be waiting for you guys to join us this year and cherish all the moments together.


My name’s Wajeeha Ijaz and I am the USG publications and social media this FORMUN V. I’m completing my majors in English literature and history. With an undying love for books, words and all things Harry Potter, I welcome you all to the magic that’s bound to unravel this FORMUN.


Hey! My name is Areej Javed and I am the USG Secretariat FORMUN V. I certainly cannot wait to film you guys! See you guys there!


Hi, I’m Muhammad Saad Awais, majoring in Computer science. I worked as a volunteer in FORMUN IV  which was a success and now here I’m head accommodation to make it another success story.


Hi. My name is Ahmad Aslam. I am a Mass Communication student and just got done with my 3rd semester. I am a part of different societies of FCC. My main focus is on FORMUN and FORMAN MUSIC SOCIETY as I am a musician. Being Director Socials I welcome you all to FORMUN V.
This time we have something amazing for you guys.
See you on 24th January.


Salam everyone. My name is Saud Javed Malik. I am a senior, currently majoring in Mass communication and Education.
I have a passion to act, dance and entertain my audience to the very best of my abilities.
It saddens me to think that this will be my last FORMUN.
I know it will not be easy to leave something that has given me so many beautiful memories. There is no doubt that FORMUN truly changed my life. And once again, as the USG Socials,
I promise this FORMUN V will be an enriching and exhilarating experience for you. I’ll see you at the enchantingly beautiful campus of FCCU- home of FORMUN.


Hey there. My name is Nouman Alvi and I am currently completing my Bachelor’s with a major in Mass Communication. I have been a part of FORMUN for the past three years and each year, I have seen it get better and better. This year, as Assistant USG PR, I look forward to welcoming all our respected guests at FORMUN V.


AS SALAM O ALIKUM . My name is Osama shahid and I’m the director photography for Formun V . I’ll try my best to provide you with the best pictures, and show you the perspective you’ve never seen before IN SHAA ALLAH. Waiting for you guys. Come and let’s make some memories together.


Hello there. My name is Aurangzeb Khan. I am currently majoring in Economics. This FORMUN V, I am the Assistant USG Logistics and I look eagerly look forward to an amazing event. As they say: “Do it right and in a timely manner”.


Hi, there. I am Hijab and I am majoring in Economics. This year at FORMUN V, I am USG Registrations and so most likely I will be the first person you’d be in contact with. My team and I will be there to assist you through various registration and payment procedures. Other than that, I am a ‘die-hard’ fan of FRIENDS (pun intended) & HP and a crazy Cricket lover. See you at FORMUN V. Cheers!


Hey! My name is Sulaman Shafique and I am the USG Registrations FORMUN V. I certainly cannot wait to film you guys! See you guys there!


I take immense pride in welcoming you all to the fifth edition of Forman Model United Nations. I’m delighted to serve this year’s FORMUN
as the Director Marketing. FORMUN V will constitute an experience which you’ll cherish for lifetime. I hope you are as excited about FORMUN as I am. Be ready to witness a realm of diversity. I look forward to the four days of debate and diplomacy. Rest
assured, we have a fair amount of entertainment as well. Buckle up! We have the show set for you. CIAO!


I am Furqan Aulakh and currently serving as the Head media marketing for FORMUN V. As far my credentials are concerned, I’m majoring in Business . I also write articles for various newspapers . I’m a freelance journalist with a passion to explore the diversities that this field has to offer.


Hi, my name is Ayesha Riaz. I am a senior at Forman Christian College, majoring in Computer Science. I am serving as assistant director publications at FORMUN V. Aside from FORMUN V, I enjoy sketching, catching up on Sherlock and finding new restaurants to frequent. Having a keen interest in badminton I always find time to crack a couple forehands and serves in the court.

I look forward to welcoming you in January!


Hey! My name is Kamal Jawaid and I am the director videography for formun 5. I certainly cannot wait to film you guys! See you guys there!


Hello, everyone. My name’s Sheikh Muhammad Aziz. I am a very dedicated person and I strive to make my work the best. I’m always open to new ideas. I have strong leadership skills that include good communication with my team and an ability to stay calm and work well, even under pressure. I’d rather go slow and deliver big rather then attain short goals. I am very considerate and I always tend to make a family out of the people with whom I work. I look forward to welcoming you all on FORMUN V.


Hey! My name is Ahsan Sheikh and I am the Assistant USG IT FORMUN V. I certainly cannot wait to film you guys! See you guys there!


Hi, I am Iffrah Minal. I’m a junior at FCCU. Doing my double majors in Psychology and Education. I am an extrovert and I love helping others which gives an edge to my PR . This year I’m serving as USG Public Relations(PR). I am emotionally attached with FORMUN because this was the first event I ever participated in at FCCU. Nad each year, I have seen it growing. This is my third year working with FORMUN and it feels great being a part of host team every year.

Hoping to give you all the best experience this year.
So excited to see you all.

My name is Aghna and I am passionate, strategic, and hardworking with an eye for innovation and perfection. With leadership and effective team-working skills, the creative team gets together to create the most spectacular art possible. Don’t believe me?

Witness it for yourself this FORMUN V.


Assalam o Alaikum I’m Syed Yahya Raza Shah Kazmi and I’m the Director Security for Formun V. InshahAllah my team and I will ensure that no unpleasantness occurs during the event so that you have an awesome and unforgettable experience on campus. Waiting for you all this FORMUN V


I am Rana Talha Asfar Assistant USG Social Media for FORMUN V. I am commonly known as RTA on the social media and when I am not busy making memes and jokes on the internet, I major in computer science.


Hey! My name is Shayan Zafar and I am the USG Finance at FORMUN V. I certainly cannot wait to film you guys! See you guys there!


Hey! My name is Areen Shahid and I am the Charge D’Affairs FORMUN V. I certainly cannot wait to film you guys! See you guys there!


From working as a volunteer in FORMUN IV to Assistant USG in FORMUN V, it has been a remarkable experience attending this tremendous event full of talent, life and color.
As a part of the host team, I look forward to welcoming you all and hope this FORMUN V leaves you with the best of memories.


Hello people, this is Maleeha Khan Lodhi, serving as the Director Accommodations for FORMUN V. I am currently in my senior year, majoring in Software Engineering with a minor in Mass Communications. If I have to go with one word that describes me the best, then it’s definitely Badminton. My unending love for this sport has enabled me to be in the top finalists of FCC’S GIRLS BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIP for the past two years. From inter personal communication skills to news gathering and from public relations to political cartooning; these are all those fundamental parts that make me who I am – A journey worth taking. Being a part of the Accommodations department gives me immense pleasure and warmth. I look forward to interacting with all the diversified people out there and hoping to serve all of you to the best of my abilities