A new academic year brings new faces and new beginnings. The MUN society kicked off the fall semester with a special welcome seminar for this year’s freshmen. This insightful event was led by Areab Shuaib (The President of the society) while the entertainment session audience engagement was handled by Saud Malik and Harris Tauqeer. Areab Shuaib gave the orientation and a number of alumni gave inspiring speeches. The session went on with detailed discussion about what an MUN really is, the society’s past success, the committees and the general running of the whole event. The audience got to learn about the hard work and dedication required to make such a large scale event happen. The names of the people behind the magic were announced: the society’s council members as well as the FORMUN’16 Directorate were introduced. To keep the audience engaged, questions were encouraged and a friendly discussion arose. However, to ensure that the session did not become monotonous, the society gave a sneak peak to the best part of any MUN – the entertainment sessions. From singing to dance performances, members of the society displayed their talents on the stage for all the freshmen to see. The highlight however,would be that the entire event was kept alive on every form of social media to make sure that no one missed out on the fun or got left out of the vast amount of information being provided. The society’s media and photography team really did a wonderful job. Overall, the three hour seminar truly was a great learning experience in a friendly and encouraging environment – we hope the freshmen thought so too.