The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is a committee where major World issues are discussed and global threats resolved. It is one of the six principal organs of the UN. It also has the panel of the Big Five countries which have the power to veto any decisions.
The Security Council is one of the most powerful and fun committees to be in. For all you powerhouses out there, it is a perfect place to discuss major conflicts and issues of the World. From major wars to epidemics, you have the power to propose strong solutions. If you register early, you will have a better chance at stepping up your game by being one of the Big Five.

Moazzam Khan Lodhi
Moazzam Khan LodhiChair
Fahad Ijaz Manzoor
Fahad Ijaz ManzoorChair
sajjal Sajjad
sajjal SajjadAssistant Committee Director
Uzair Khan
Uzair KhanAssistant Director Chair



Formulating a globally feasible counter terrorism policy.


Yemen Civil War.