The Disarmament and International Security Committee is one of the many committees on offer at FORMUN’ V. It handles the issue of weapons that can pose a serious threat to global harmony. In this committee, many interesting topics such as chemical weapons and biological weapons are bound to come up. With all the current debate about weapons and disarmament, this committee is guaranteed to be interesting and lively.


Topic A: Balanced Strategy to Counter the World Drug Problem

Topic B: The Role of Diamonds in Fuelling Armed Conflict

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<strong>Abiola Mosjood Atobatele</strong>
Abiola Mosjood AtobateleChair
<strong>Ahmed Zafar</strong>
Ahmed ZafarChair
<strong>Naseeb Ullah</strong>
Naseeb UllahAssistant Committee Chair
<strong>Arsal Rashid</strong>
Arsal RashidAssistant Committee Chair