Delegates in this committee will witness revolts, assassinations and wars. This committee will take the delegates to an era of crisis. Delegates will be on a quest to heal the rifts between countries. Research is deemed essential here. It will be a tough feat as vassals and allies debate to preserve the region and diplomacy is the only tactic they will have in order to win.

Will the external forces invade the country? Will the potential measures of allies succeed to make the region a peaceful place for their generations to admire?



<strong>Fiza Shahzad</strong>
Fiza ShahzadChair
<strong>Waleed Shahid</strong>
Waleed ShahidChair
<strong>Wasay Khan</strong>
Wasay KhanAssistant Committee Chair
<strong>Mahnoor abid</strong>
Mahnoor abidAssistant Committee Chair