So the Under Secretary General of FORMUN15 was generous enough to give us his time and have coffee with us and had a little chit chat session with us.


Q)  What brought you into FORMUN?

Since my O Levels I had a urge of doing to work. Literally any kind of work, I was so keep on working that I once took part in a play as stage curtain closer. So when I came to FC. I did not know anything about MUNs and to be honest I did not even get to know about them till the end of my first semester of sophomore year. Before that I had busy in other societies. At the end of November, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to help him make a website. Although I didn’t know how but I still said yes. As it turns out it was it FORMUN’s website and that is how I became a part of FORMUN and it was the best thing that happened to me. 

Q)  How was FORMUN’ 14? 

FORMUN ’14 was a completely new experience for me. It was like stepping into a competently new world. It was a great experience. I met new people, made friends, had fun and learnt a lot in the process. 

Q)  Tell us about your experience with the executive council. 
We came up with the theme of ‘BY LOVE SERVE ONE ANOTHER’ and we ourselves are living with this theme, we as an executive council are more like a family, each one of us is very dedicated and did I mention we spend half, umm in fact more than half of our day in the university meshing ideas for turning FORMUN into a smash hit event. In fact I often get bored at my home now, especially on weekends as I miss my team. So yeah my fellow executive council members are very close and dear to me and I feel great working with them. 

Q)  One word description for FORMUN: 


Q)  What is the best and worst part of being the USG?

The worst part, ummm. Well, is you get too “khawared” being in the middle; staying late in the university, staying up all night finalizing everything. Hahahaahahah, and above all dreaming about FORMUN in your sleep. 
Best part is you can blame it on the SG if you mess something up.  😛

Q)  Tell us about you, what kind of person Areab Shuaib is behind his job as the USG? 
Well, for that my friends can tell you much better than me. What i have been told I talk too much, 
“damagh k dahi kar deta hun” 

Q)  Why did you choose CS as your major? 
I like to be social but I even love more to be alone and who is more alone than a programmer. 

Q)  What three character traits would your friend use to describe you? 
Problem Solver, I think.   

Q)  Who is your best team mate? 

Well, I can’t tell you that people might be offended. 
No seriously each and every member of my team is doing his / her job really well and all of them are best in my opinion.  😛

Q)  What is your biggest regret and why? 

Umm my biggest regret…. 
tough question… 
……not being able to stop caring what others think about myself. 

Q)  It seems you are pretty much obsessed with selfies! What do you have to say about it? 

Q)  LGS Paragon or FCC? 

LGS Paragon helped me find my self but to much bad memories. 
FCC without any hesitation. 

Q)  How do you think I rate as an interviewer? 
ummm 4…. (chuckles) nae 7.5 out of 10  😉

Q) Any message for the delegates

If you see me during FORMUN don’t forget to take a selfie with me.  😀

Interviewed By

Mahfroze Ghouri

A freshman, with a major of computer science from Forman Christian College. Obsessed with technology.