The MUN Society FCC held an interactive introductory session for the students of CARE Foundation Pakistan during it’s MUN Summer Camp.

CARE Foundation is a non-government organization aimed towards providing quality education to underprivileged children of the Pakistani society. The students, belonging to public schools were given a comprehensive overview of the basic structure, functioning, and significance of MUNs by Saira Ahmed and were asked about which committees appealed to them the most and the reason(s) for their choice. Areab Shuaib, president of the MUN society elaborated on the importance of diplomacy and diversity, and encouraged the students to actively participate in events promoting dialogue. The session ended on a high note with the students voicing their thoughts, recapitulating what they had learned, and thanking the FCC MUN society for inviting them.

Care Foundation Pakistan Collaborates with MUN Society FCC, their children will we attend the whole MUN Summer Camp.


Care Foundation Website

The CARE Foundation was started in 1988 in Sheikhupura in response to floodwater ravaging low-lying areas. Seema Aziz, together with fellow active citizens, traveled to the stricken areas and helped the affected population reconstruct their homes with her time, resources and her bare hands. During the course of her work, Seema realized that this area lacked a proper school. In conversations with the local community, it became clear that there was a dire need for a school to educate the alarming number of children roaming freely during the day. In January 1991, CARE opened its doors to a school in Iqbal Town on Sheikhupura Road. On the first day, 250 children lined up outside the school, unkempt and barely clothed, but curious and eager to learn.

Today, CARE runs 352 schools providing high quality education to approximately 180,000 students. Starting in 1998, CARE entered a pubic-private partnership with the City District Government of Lahore to adopt 10 schools in the city of Lahore. CARE performance in Lahore has led to multiple agreements to adopt government schools in districts across Pakistan. Today, CARE runs adopted government schools in Punjab and Sindh with plans being made to enter Balochistan.

CARE runs a rapidly expanding Access to English Program, providing high quality English teaching for 2,991 students. Initially working as a two-year Afterschool program, in 2012, efforts began to integrate the Access to English curriculum into the regular syllabus for CARE students. It is a wonder to see young children, most from impoverished backgrounds, emerging past social and economic barriers by learning to speak fluent English.